CPACevelopment services

We work with our clients throughout every stage of the development process, and know what it takes to achieve success while meeting client objectives.

As project managers, we assist with site selection if required, and provide detailed feasibility studies and financial analysis to inform the initial planning stages of a project.

We take projects through the complex and demanding regulatory process, which may include acquiring provincial and federal funding, as well as navigating the municipal approval process. By engaging staff, council, and local stakeholders in the early stages of the process, we are able to identify any obstacles or opportunities that may impact the development.

We engage and coordinate an expert team of consultants, and together design a project that aligns with client goals and expectations. During both the design and construction stages of a project, we work with clients and consultants to ensure that programming goals are met within the constraints of the project budget.

Development projects can take years to complete. We work on behalf of our clients every step of the way to ensure that the end result matches their desired objectives.